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Ants are insects that mainly stay in colonies. They enter houses through openings in search of sweet food and water. There are different species of ants that can infest your house, including black ants, fire ants and carpenter ants. Black ants are small, form large colonies and found in cracks on walls and woods.

Fire ants are reddish in color, sting and tiny in size. On the other hand, carpenter ants are found in woods and range in color from black to red to yellow. Ants can be controlled by spraying vinegar on their colonies.

Keep your house clean and free from spills to drive them away from your property. Sugary foods tend to attract ants, hence should be kept in tightly sealed containers.

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Ant Control

Different ant species are unique and thus are controlled in different ways. Seal cracks on your walls to prevent them from getting into your house, clean their trails, remove sugary foods from open surfaces and reduce moisture in your house. Ant control is the regulation of ant infestations in your home.

Ants entering your house looking for sugary foods are worker ants sent by the queen to find food for young ants and queens. They carry the food they find to their nests. Follow their trails to lead you to their nests for effective ant control.

Remove their source of food and replace it with bait. Worker ants will come back, pick them and take them to their queens. After consuming the bait, ant queens will die, ceasing reproduction and thus death of the colony.

Ant Exterminator

An ant exterminator is a professional with a focus on eliminating ants from homes. A good ant control company does not just spray on the pests as they’ll eventually return. They search for ant colonies and nests in or around your home to eradicate their queen as that’s the only permanent solution to keeping your house free from ants.

Using toxic substances or hot water can be hazardous to children and pests in your house. Therefore, it is not a recommended method. Use non-toxic pesticide for ant control; although it’ll take time to completely eradicate ants from your home, they eventually die and leave your home.

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Non-toxic pesticides are safe for humans and pets, but cause infertility in ant queens and slowly kill the ants in their colonies. With no queen to lay eggs, the life cycle of ants is eventually terminated. Surviving ants then move elsewhere to find another queen and start a new colony.

Exterminators use organic pesticides to permanently eliminate ants from your home.

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Have ants invaded your home and taken away the peace you used to enjoy? We offer ant removal services that can effectively eradicate all types of ants. Moreover, we use eco-friendly pesticides.

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