What you need to know about carpet beetles

If you have carpet beetles in your home, you need to keep in mind that they usually don’t spread diseases and usually don’t damage the carpet in your house. Most carpet beetles are small in size and are mostly black with small areas of yellow on their backs and wings. They don’t grow much longer than an inch if they reach this length at all. Although these beetles are usually found in your carpets, they can also be found along baseboards, on your furniture, and in the closets in your home. They enjoy being in darker spaces. Most of the time, carpet beetles aren’t seen in your home until you see them near a window or near a door as these are areas where they often enter your home.

One way to keep carpet beetles out of your home is to keep it as clean as possible. You should also look at all of the potted plants that you have in your home and plants that are near entry points of your home. Any broken screens should be repaired to keep the beetles from getting inside your house. An exterminator is usually the best option that you have to get rid of carpet beetles after you have thoroughly cleaned your home and removed all sources of food for the pests. Contact us today for pest control Lafayette LA.

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